Batu Caves – Is the rainbow staircase worth it?

Batu Caves is a limestone hill with a Hindu temple and shrine located within the cave. Visitors need to climb 272 steps before reaching the top!

Every year, Batu Caves attracts thousands of tourists and devotees, especially during Thaipusam! 

Recently, Batu Caves has risen to fame due to its new look – the rainbow staircase! The stairs look absolutely eye-catching with its pop-up colors!

Other than the rainbow staircase, Batu Caves is also known for its huge Hindu God statue at the main entrance. In fact, it is a significant facade of Batu Cave

Why did I decide to visit?

Batu Caves’ repainted rainbow staircase definitely caught my attention! I first saw the picture through Instagram and I thought they were really stunning!

Due to its rising popularity, more and more people started heading there to get a famed shot of the staircase! 

It will be a good idea to arrive as early as 6am if you’d like to get a picture without anyone else in it!

Beware of the countless hungry monkeys throughout the staircase to the top. Don’t leave your belongings laying! It’ll be very tempting for the monkeys.

Note that there is a dress code due to religious and propriety reasons – no short pants, dresses or skirts that are above knee. The ladies working at the counter of the entrance who will ask you to rent their sarongs. I personally think that the sarongs complements the staircase very well.

Getting to batu caves

You can drive there, just key in “Batu Caves” in your Waze / Google Map navigation.


You can take the KTM from KL sentral to Batu Caves station. It’s only a very short walk as the station is just beside Batu Caves! 

Opening hours

You can also go as early as 6.30am because that’s the best time to catch the sunrise and avoid the crowd and heat! 

Batu Caves is open daily from 7am to 8pm

Entrance fee / Parking fee

Certain websites mentioned about RM2 charged for parking. I guess we were lucky because we arrived early in the morning, so no one collected any fee from us. 

It is free to enter Batu Caves.

Tips to getting this insta-worthy picture:

Arrive early to beat the crowds and heat. When we got there, there were only people coming in for morning prayer at a temple beside the cave. The staircase was unoccupied and basically empty! 

This is the position where we stood when the sun was just starting to come up. As you can see, the staircase in front of us was still really empty at the time! 

After climbing up the staircase and looking down, the view was absolutely breathtaking! Especially when the sun is rising up!

Here’s how it’ll look like when more people start swarming the staircase:

Striking up an acquaintance

At one point, tourists were dispersing and leaving, I was over the moon! But when I looked to my right… the guy with the blue jacket was sitting there. HE WAS SITTING THERE. SITTING THERE AND NEVER LEAVES. 

I stood for a gazillion eternity wondering when he’ll ever leave. He did not. Instead, he climbed onto my side asking for a picture. That’s when I went like, “Ohhhhh! He just wanted a picture from me but he’s too shy.” I gladly took one for him.

Wait for it. Here’s the climax. He went back… to the same position… and sat down. *Insert volcano eruption effect*

Later though, we asked for his help to take a picture for us. Apparently, he’s an expert in taking Instagram pictures, or so he claimed. He guided us with the positions on we should pose and the way we should look at each other.

Batu Caves - All about your skirt

In all seriousness, your skirt is everything. For guys – stick with your pants. I’m not encouraging you to wear a skirt. 

I am eternally grateful to have worn this long skirt that day (of course, I did my research)

I saw so many ladies got called out to rent a sarong because they settled for skirts or dresses that were too revealing or short. They risk giving a free show when they go up the stairs. 

Long skirt means flowy skirt images!

Louis helped me take a lot of pictures at different levels of the staircase. Running up the staircase was the most difficult one to take. Louis took so many pictures and I only picked a few that truly appealed to me.

*Insert volcano eruption effect on top of Louis’ head*

The following is a slideshow, click on the > arrow to slide for more pictures of me going up the stairs:

The result?

Are you team blue or team yellow?

Team Yellow or Blue

Of course, I had to pull Louis along for the picture. He couldn’t be more willing to!

Check out his enthusiastic expressions below!

Again, click on the > arrow to see us running down the stairs! 

What's at the end of the staircase?

At the end of the 272 steps, we arrived at the threshold to a grand vertical view of the limestone cave! The air in the cave was cooling and it almost cooled us of our sweats! We were in awe looking up and taking in every nook and cranny of the cave.

Again, click on the > arrow to see gorgeous pictures of the cave! 

We had to employ our GoPro and wide-angled lens for these shots! 

The downside to this cool place was the huge amount of mosquitoes that viciously attacked us as soon as we stepped foot into the cave.

On a site note, I personally adore the colourful facade of the temple! This place is just teeming with vibrant colours isn’t it!

The crowd after we left

Note that we went on a Monday, so it’s not a public holiday. The place was filled with tourists. Here’s a picture on how the crowd will look like after 9am:

The final verdict

This trip to Batu Caves had been in my bucket list for the longest time. It opened my eyes to the Hindu religion and culture! It is about an hour away from KLIA!

If you are a person who loves vibrant-coloured staircase or just enjoy learning new cultures or religion, why not give Batu Caves a try? 

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