5 Things To Do At The Tip of Borneo, Kudat, Sabah

tip of borneo

The Tip of Borneo is located in the Kudat district of Sabah. One of the most popular tourist attraction in Sabah. Visitors call it an unspoiled attraction due to its remoteness. 

It is the meeting point between the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea! It reminds me of the tip of New Zealand’s North Island – Cape Reinga, where both oceans – Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean – collide.

Though far, the scenery was absolutely beautiful and worth the long drive.

1. buy some local produce on the way

There were plenty of local stalls set up by local people along the way. Stop by some of them and buy their local produce with zero plastic packaging and fresh from their farms! At an extremely reasonable price too!

Besides fruits and vegetables, you can also have a taste of the local handmade crafts.

2. Take beautiful photographs at the tip

It was low tide at the rocky outcrop.

With the no-entry zone in place, we ignored the sign and went down nonetheless. It was the same with everyone else there. 

Of course, be aware of weather changes! 

The weather changes drastically, and so are every other coastal areas. It was clear one moment and thundering the next.

Calm before the storm

3. Take a photograph at the flagpole and globe monument

We totally cut off the flagpole.

4. Swing or lay in one of the many hammocks near the beach

Near the Tip of Borneo is Simpang Mengayau beach, facing the carpark. Hammocks are tied to the trees. 

This pristine beach is praised for its white sandy beach and clear blue water. Be prepared to spend a few hours here if you’re looking for a place to wind down! 

Imagine yourself lying on the hammock with a good book in your hands, gazing at the trees with the sky in the distance. Ah. Paradise. 

5. Buy your own seafood and ask the local restaurant to cook them for you

Drive around or ask the local to bring you to the local wet market. In the wet market, various kinds of seafood and fresh fish were sold. You need to learn how to bargain for a food price as there will be plenty of stalls selling almost the same thing!

Buy some of the seafood, like crabs and prawns, head over to a local seafood restaurant and ask if they can cook that for you!

end note

Tip of Borneo isn’t a place for thrills or excitement, but it is certainly a place for relaxation and getaways. Picnics are the best thing to do!

Make sure you don’t miss out on the seafood because they’re the freshest you can find! The long drive will be worth it!

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