I quit my job to work as a kiwifruit orchard worker in New Zealand

Working In A Kiwifruit Orchard

If you would have told me 5 years ago that some day I’d be working in a kiwifruit orchard, I would laugh so hard in your face and wouldn’t believe you. But, things change. Believe it or not, our first job in New Zealand was actually working in a kiwifruit orchard!

Honestly, we knew it was going to be tough work. Physical work. Despite that, we pushed through it. Although there were times when work gets really rough and our hands hurt too much from exerting force, we made it anyway.

During this time, we were fully exposed to nature. Also, there was much more headspace for us to think about the different things in life. I was especially thankful for being able to listen to my favorite music and podcasts while I worked. 

Sometimes I really hoped that I could show my friends and family how its like to work in a kiwifruit orchard. Hence, I almost always secretly take pictures when I worked. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve put together all the pictures I’ve taken during this period of time whilst working in a kiwifruit orchard and you are here to witness them.

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The sound of the Cicada

the view that ushered us on our way home

2 thoughts on “I quit my job to work as a kiwifruit orchard worker in New Zealand”

  1. Will be heading to NZ soon in June! Thanks for all your helpful information 🙂 Looking forward to more blogs and hoping to know how you guys look for jobs there (esp during winter). Cheers

    1. Oh you’re most welcome, and thanks for stopping by 🙂 will definitely post about them. I’ve already got a few of them posted. Hope they help!

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