Alam Presets


For avid hikers, travel enthusiasts, nature lovers… you name it! These presets enhance your images but do not overpower your images nor strip off their essence.

The complete Alam Preset Pack includes:

  1. The Meadow Pasture Preset
  2. The Jungle Preset
  3. Mountain And Lake Preset
  4. The Turquoise Lagoon Preset
  5. Rugged Preset
  6. Jurassic Preset
  7. Against The Light Preset
  8. Healing Preset
  9. An installation guide (PDF) for both desktop and mobile Lightroom

Take note:

  • This preset works with Lightroom Desktop version and Lightroom Mobile (FREE APP)
  • This preset pack is compatible with Lightroom Classic 7.3 or higher and Lightroom CC/Mobile
  • Desktop Presets are in .xmp files, not .lrtemplate files
  • Mobile Presets are in .dng files
  • Every phone and camera take pictures differently, so minor adjustments in brightness may still be needed
  • The file will be available for download immediately after payment is made, with a link sent to your email to be downloaded as many times as you want!
  • Price is in $ USD

🌻 50% of the Alam Preset profit will go to charity!

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