Hiking At Setia Alam Community Trail Route B

Setia Alam Community Trail

Setia Alam Community Trail is an endangered forest. The trails were not established by hikers. Instead, it was by the cyclists! Set amidst the new housing area at Setia Eco Park, this community trail is suitable for hikers of all types of fitness level!

Peak Garden is the highest point of Bukit Cherakah Forest, standing at 250 meters above sea level, while Bukit Sapu Tangan comes next at 241 meters above sea level.

Although this trail is set near new housing areas, you will actually get a sense of hiking in the forest! Sometimes, frequent hikers even spot beehives and wild insects!

How to Get To Setia Alam Community Trail

It’s really easy to get to Setia Alam Community Trail, just hit the keywords “Setia Alam Community Trail” up in Waze or Google Map and you should be able to find it.

Alternatively, you can book an uber there.

The Trail Map

Setia Alam Community Trail is discovered by the locals themselves. Over the years, they have contributed tremendously in preserving the trail, especially in putting up signage. Hence, losing your way is highly unlikely, though it had happened before.

Alternatively, you can download the Komoot App to find your way in the forest. Also, make sure you have enough water and snacks with you! 

For this post, I’ll be covering Route B.

Route B

From the map, the entrances of trail A and B are located beside a construction site. The complete trail will lead you to Alam Budiman (Gate E), which is about 20 minutes drive away from Setia Alam. So, if you take the wrong route out, you may end up having to walk longer than usual, and will also have to take a Grab back to Setia Alam. For that reason, I would strongly suggest that you download the trail map above and store it in your phone.

When you are at the entrance of route B, you will see a signboard that says “Shah Alam Community Forest” and a few words underneath. Also, the letter “B” will be there on the sign. That’s when you know that you’re on the right route.

The Trail

Warm up before the hike as it is important to stretch your hamstring and calve muscles to avoid cramps. There isn’t much strenuous or steep elevation in the beginning of Trail B, so it was a rather easy hike for us. Interestingly, there were also instances when trees were in our way, or we had to huddle over them. All in all, they make a great obstacle course, adding fun to the hike.

Towards the middle of the hike, we started sliding and “skating” because our running shoes were filled with mud and lost traction. Hence, we had to hold onto trees and branches to support and stop ourselves from falling down. For that reason, it’s better to wear hiking shoes with better grip.

The Summit (Peak Garden)

Getting to the Peak Garden proved a challenge. It was quite an easy hike up, but with the mud-skating, the difficulty level has been raised. Finally, though, after much struggling, we arrived at the peak garden, a small resting spot for all hikers to enjoy the scenery overlooking the landscape down below.

The Descend

While hiking down, we arrived at Checkpoint 5 and wanted to try a new route, so we went down to Checkpoint 3A unknowingly. 

Going down was challenging as everyone was literally mud-sliding down the extremely slanted and muddy trail. Everywhere they stepped was like stepping on a large pool of oil. Hence, we had to keep looking for leaves to improve traction. 

Lost and surprised, we arrived at Checkpoint 3A. Luckily, a few kind hikers guided us back to Checkpoint 3, so we would not enter Checkpoint 3C, which would bring us to Alam Budiman. Sadly, though, we did not take Trail A as planned. 

Final Words

As a minimal level of fitness is required, it is possible to attempt this hike as a beginner. The elevation profile in the beginning is bearable and only toward the end did the climbing start. Nothing too strenuous. Needless to say, Route B does have some pretty nice views!

Our shoes were muddy by the end of the hike. Make sure you check the weather forecast and don’t hike on rainy days!

Views at the peak were stunning, but it’s a little disappointed seeing the constructions going on underneath. Also, the Malaysian flag at the Peak Garden looked fitting, so do not forget to take a picture with it!

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