Teluk Bayu Beach: Teluk Kumbar’s Hidden Gem In Penang

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Teluk Bayu Beach In Teluk Kumbar

Teluk Bayu Beach is a stretch of beach located in Sungai Batu, Teluk Kumbar that takes you through local Malay kampungs (villages) before arriving at the white sandy beach!

As Teluk Kumbar is located on the southern coast of Penang Island, locals mainly fish for a living. Hence, it is understandable why the most sought-after food in Teluk Kumbar is their Mee Udang—fresh from the sea!

Pak Tam Mee Udang, for one, gives you about 5 huge prawns for RM10 a bowl. Most importantly, you get to sit on the beach under the shady of towering trees and enjoy the ocean breeze while you eat your noodles! Nevertheless, we’re not here to cover about Mee Udang today.

You may have heard of Batu Ferringhi, Monkey Beach, and Tanjung Bungah, but should give Teluk Bayu Beach a go too!

How To Get To Teluk Bayu Beach

If you want to get to Teluk Bayu Beach, chances are you won’t find the location on Waze. However, if you use Google Map, you will be able to find it by typing ‘Teluk Bayu Penang’. Despite that, I would recommend that you punch in the GPS Coordinate to get to the precise location. 

GPS Coordinate: 5.27893, 100.2413

Before arriving at Teluk Bayu Beach, you will come to a turn at the main road that brings you into a gravel road of Malay Kampung and you’ll have to drive across a small, concrete bridge.

The gravel road looks narrow and you will certainly doubt whether you are going in the right direction. Rest assured, you are. At the end of the road through the Malay Kampung, you will come to a wide area and the beach in front of you.

Note: Drive slowly as there are kids in the village. The narrow gravel road typically allows for only one car to go through. Hence, reverse when necessary and always be polite to each other.

Parking At Teluk Bayu Beach

Parking is free and spaces are ample at Teluk Bayu Beach. Watch out for mud and avoid parking in areas that are too secluded. Most importantly, don’t obstruct the traffic flow and keep your belongings hidden or take them with you.

Best Time To Visit Teluk Bayu Beach

Due to the recent development in Teluk Kumbar and the famed Teluk Kumbar Mee Udang, more and more people started discovering the beach. 

The perfect time to visit the beach is certainly during sunset, during which most families will gather for picnics and an evening swim. We went in the evening and already there were many people there waiting for the sun to set. 

By the time we left at 6 pm, there were fewer cars leaving, and many more cars coming in, heading for the beach. 

Things To Do At Teluk Bayu Beach

1. Have A Picnic

One of the most relaxing activities at Teluk Bayu Beach is certainly to have a picnic by the beach. There are grass areas on the beach, which is weird, but definitely shady enough to chomp on some sandwich and have a good laugh with your friends and family!

2. Swim In The Sea

Kids love swimming here because the water is clean and clear! The waves aren’t as intimidating and the water is pretty shallow. Swim in areas without rocks. Stay away from huge rocks as they can be really sharp!

3. Take Touristy Photos

With that being said, the rocks here make for a perfect backdrop to take pictures with your friends and family! I spotted a few groups of friends wearing similar outfit themes taking pictures on the rocks, with the sea, and the trees as their backdrop. Teluk Bayu Beach is picturesque in every direction!

Beware of the sharp rocks and go as slow as you can when you climb on them. We witnessed a group of friends taking pictures and one of the girls cut her feet and it had a nasty gash on it with blood oozing out of her wound. It looked extremely painful. Even more so when we washed her wounds with the salty seawater. Ouch.

4. Stroll Along The Beach

If you just need to wind down and find a place to hang out with your loved ones, just take a stroll along the beach and do some people-watching! My dad, for one, loves the soft white sand and he thinks it’s more comfortable to step on as it doesn’t hurt his feet as other beaches do!

In A Nutshell

All in all, for those who have visited most beaches in Penang, definitely check out Teluk Bayu Beach as it is not as crowded as other beaches in Penang and is more famous among the locals! 

There are other beaches nearby, one of which is Sungai Batu Beach within close distance from Teluk Bayu Beach. 

After swimming and taking a stroll on the beach, make sure you drop by and have a taste of the famous mee udang in Teluk Kumbar within a minute’s walk away from Teluk Bayu Beach! If not, you can just pack your own meals and have a picnic under the trees on the beach! 

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